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Anastacia Grigorash
Anastacia Grigorash

The hardest thing for me was to cut it, so take the sharpest knife, that you have! Cut long pieces (in fact, there is already a pure experience, I had the long pieces). Cook separately olive oil, a bit of lime juice, one tip: it is impossible to overdo it with lime, because it has a lot of acid, which turns tuna white!
Pickling up until we cut into cubes of avocado.
We sprinkle the avocado whole lime, add salt, sugar and balsamic vinegar to taste. I love it a lot, so never regret!
Strictly speaking it! You're only nice to spread a bed of avocado (if you're lucky and have a culinary form be sure to use it!). I acted in the process, because the hungry eyes of the parents, I have been willing to eat :)

When you are sure that everything has to be done, you can still pour vinegar, and vinegar, and even more ....