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Will Shu
Will Shu

Frenched, stuffed chicken leg with tomato risotto. For the chicken, remove cartilage from end of drumstick, exposing tendons. Use pliers to remove tendons. Remove thigh bone from leg, then cut out thigh meat while preserving thigh skin "flap". Push the drumstick bone outwards to create a pocket. Chop and season thigh meat and stuff into pocket. Wrap the stuffed leg in Saran Wrap and tie it closed. Steam or sous vide to cook. Finally, in a small skillet, baste the stuffed leg with hot oil or butter until browned. For the risotto, use strained tomatoes or juice -- puréed tomatoes will contain too much pulp and scorch in the pan.

Whew! Definitely a special occasion meal requiring all the techniques in your culinary arsenal

Sylvie and Giles Reilly
Nice plate!