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Jasmine Fuller
Jasmine Fuller

Anti-inflammatory brew for the daring:

Boiling water poured over teaspoon (or two, or three) of turmeric, dash of cinnamon, few teaspoons of lemon juice, generous tablespoon or two of chopped ginger, honey (or not).

Drink, rest, ice, compress, elevate, repeat at least twice daily. That's right - (D)RICE for all you first aid whizzes.

I reluctantly tried straight turmeric and hot water at the insistence of my mother a few years ago when I badly sprained an ankle two weeks before a major backpacking trip.

I've elevated the concoction a bit since then, but the effect is still the same: faster healing, more time to play outside.

#turmeric #notarecipe

Katie Brantley
Katie Brantley
If you can't get past the taste of the tumeric you can start with warm milk and honey with tumeric stirred in!