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Christine Johnston Warren
Christine Johnston Warren

Tuscan White Bean Cabbage

Bake 6 pieces of good quality thick bacon at 400 for 12-15 mins. Set bacon aside and crumble when cool. Drain rendered bacon fat into a large skillet

Add diced white onion (half lg. onion) and sauté until soft

Add bacon crumbles and 1.5 cans of drained white beans (I used Italian butter beans because I like the big white beans byt it disn't seem like wnough so I added some cannelloni)

Season with lots of ground black pepper and dashes of white wine; the bacon is salty so I wouldn't add salt until the end to taste

Boil a large pot of water; keep the bean bacon mixture warm on very low heat; tear cabbage leaves into smaller pieces

Blanche cabbage leaves by dropping them into boiling water. I left them in about two minutes

Use slotted spoon to remove cabbage leaves and add them to the bean bacon mixture. Stir well to coat all the leaves. If you don't have enough bacon grease to coat all the leaves, drop a pad of butter in there to mix it all around and get it moving. Add more black pepper and salt if needed.

Serve with piece of crusty bread.