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Kaitlin Michelle May
Kaitlin Michelle May

Chicken, mushroom, & cheese stuffed croissants. With cream of mushroom soup on top with cheese and diced mushrooms.
Mix diced mushrooms, string cheese, and chicken (cooked chicken strips, or baked chicken breast from the deli).
13x9 pan sprayed with Pam (or any greaser you prefer)
Roll out croissants and put two tablespoons of your mix and roll the croissant around the mix. Put in your greased pan and continue with all 8 croissants.
When you're done mix your cream of mushroom soup 10oz can with 3/4 can of milk, stir till smooth. And stir in diced mushrooms (optional, I'm a mushroom lover so I added more!
Add your cream of mushroom soup, mushrooms and milk mix on top of the croissants. I spoon the mixture onto the tops of the croissants to make sure it's not too dry.
Add as much cheese on the top as you want.
Preheat oven to 350, bake for 45minutes. Let cool and serve. ❤️
(You can also mix this recipe up a lot of different ways! Broccoli, ham and cheese stuffed in the croissants and cream of broccoli soup. Or like pizza rolls you can put pepperonis, and half of a Mozzarella cheese stick and roll it in it you could even add marinara sauce on the side. If you figure out more ways to make this your own, let me know! Enjoy!