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These are my go-to breakfast tacos. The distinct taste of Gruyere is my favorite part.

I use Tofurky Chick'n & Apple sausage, but use whatever you want.


Dice bell pepper and set aside.

2tbsp safflower oil goes into a pan at medium heat.
Throw in half a diced onion and sauté until they in color a bit.
Slice sausages and put into same pan with the onions.
Heat until sausage crisps on both sides and remove.

Turn oven to 325 and place corn tortillas inside, 4-5mins each.

4 whole eggs, 2tbsp Cholula hot sauce and 1tbsp heavy cream or milk.
Whisk for two minutes before pouring into a pan at medium-low heat.
Once eggs start to curdle, salt & pepper then start to fold larger pieces together with a wooden spoon/spatula.

Two spoonfuls of egg
Spoonful of sausage & onion
Few diced & peppers shaved Gruyere on top