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Stacie Nguyen
Stacie Nguyen

Dutch Babies are easy to make, fun to watch in the oven, and delicious when tasted. This recipe is from Chrissy Teigen's Cravings cookbook.
Set your oven to 475F.
You'll need 1c flour, 1c milk at room temp., 4 large eggs, 1/2tsp salt, and 2tblsp melted butter. Blend all ingredients until no longer lumpy (20-30 secs.)
You'll need a 10in cast iron skillet and an additional 2tblsp of butter melted in the skillet until foamy. Pour batter in and immediately transfer to 475F oven. Bake for 15-20 minutes.
Don't leave the oven! The heights this baby goes to while baking is so satisfying to see.
Dust your Dutch Baby w/ powdered sugar and whatever else your heart pleases.