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lem monade
lem monade

Leftover cold pizza con le patate / con le zucchine ed acciughe, also known as the very best kind of breakfast.

Thin pizza dough is drizzled with olive oil and topped with very thin potato slices and rosemary / zucchini slices and anchovies, more olive oil, plenty of salt (especially on the potatoes), and some mozzarella torn into little pieces; then baked in an oiled pan on the bottom rack of the oven, preheated to as-hot as-it-gets, until crispy and golden.

This is very delicious as it is, but do keep some leftovers (maybe for lunch instead of breakfast if you prefer not to have anchovies first thing in the morning (but why?)): there is some kind of magic/science happening when the pizza cools down, the vegetables have time to settle and become juicy again, flavours meld, and the olive oil gets absorbed by the dough creating something chewy and flaky and just perfect.

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