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One Pot Wonder Mac n Cheese!

This is my go to comfort food when I'm strapped for time or just feeling the couch more than the kitchen. And the best part is you can add whatever veggies you have on hand! Pretty much anything only makes macaroni better ❤️

Sauté a small onion, a couple cloves garlic, and preferred veggies in butter. I chose red and green bell peppers because ❤️ Salt, pepper to liking.
Add about 2 1/2 cups milk
Slowly bring to boil and add 1/2lb. preferred pasta (I have an obsession with linguini ?)
Cook for recommended time
Let cool slightly then add 1 1/2 cheese, I ❤️ sharp cheddar although a mix of mozzarella and cheddar is the jam.
Enjoy thoroughly!

Quick meal for 2 or just you with leftovers ??