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Taylor Belcher
Taylor Belcher

1/2 a box of linguine noodles
1 can of diced tomatoes (rinsed)
1 green pepper cut in small chunks
1 onion cut in small chunks
1 zesty herb package by "Grill Mates"
^^marinade with one bag of shrimp^^
1/2carton of cut mushrooms

I marinaded the shrimp for 15 minutes with the zesty herb package in the refrigerator. (Follow the directions on the package for proper marinade for the shrimp). While the shrimp was marinating, I cut up all the vegetables and added the can of rinsed diced tomatoes into a big pan. Next I boiled the water for the noodles and let the vegetables cook down and then I added the shrimp while the noodles were boiling. After the noodles were done I turned the vegetables and shrimp down to lot heat. I added the noodles and let the flavors combine for about 10 minutes and then the meal was done!