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A main dish play on the "Utica Greens" of my youth. Heat olive oil, sauté a sliced onion, add LOTS of chopped garlic, red bell pepper, and chopped hot pickled pepper rings. Add dash of smoked paprika because you forgot to buy bacon. Salt and pepper, chili flake, a can of white beans, and fold in as much chopped kale as you can fit in the pan.

Pour a little broth in the pan, put a lid on it and steam the greens down. Remove the lid and add more broth till everything is kind of a soupy mess. Let the broth cook down till there's only a little in the bottom of the pan, add a pat of butter so everything gets silky. Top with bread crumbs and Parmesan, and blast under the broiler.

Serve in a bowl with yesterday's sour dough to sop up the crazy yummy juice.

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