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Sebastian Del Rio
Sebastian Del Rio

This is a crab cake with a Cajun roasted red pepper sauce. i made this as a group assignment at my culinary school and it came out great. I honestly fucked with the it all for a good while so I don't remember everything exactly but it'll be close enough!

I got a few pounds of shredded blue crab meat and tossed it with ground saltine crackers I blended up, chopped green onions, parsley, a little tiny amount of finely chopped rosemary, red pepper flakes, mayonnaise, and probably some old bay or something, this was a while back hahaha. flour the outside and pan fried.

for the sauce I started by roasting 2 red peppers, scraping the blackness off, a few cloves of roasted garlic roasted in olive oil, a shallot, Dijon mustard, Cajun seasonings, mayonnaise, and maybe some sugar and more red pepper flakes and some more old bay all blended together with olive oil. something like that I was playing with it for a good while until I got the portions right hahahaha

and for the garnish I just roasted some corn, small diced some red onion, and soaked both in lemon juice for about 15 minutes then sprinkled on top with some green onions.......bomb

#crabcake #cajun #redpepper