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lem monade
lem monade

When, on a whim, you stop at that Asian store you always pass on the way home from the market and figure out it is of the Pakistani / Indian variety rather than your usual Chinese one, you happily pile naan flour (from your favourite local mill, who knew?!), dried pulses, cassia bark and paneer onto your arms, only held back by the knowledge that your bicycle basket is already almost overflowing with all the produce you just bought.

And then, when there are freshly fried samosas, arranged neatly on a cake platter next to the checkout, of course you take two.

Back at home you realise they are still a bit warm, so you put away the vegetables extra quickly, grab big handfuls of herbs for a spicy and fresh chutney to go with it:

Wash the herbs – mostly cilantro, plus some parsley and chives for a bit of a garlicky punch – and put into a food processor, together with some lemon juice (lime might be even nicer, if you have it), a big spoonful tahini (a handful of peanuts), a good pinch of salt, and some coriander seeds and dried chilli gently heated in a dry pan until fragrant. Blitz it all into a sauce, add a splash of water if it needs thinning out, and adjust the seasoning to get that great balance of sour, creamy, spicy, fresh and herbal.

Spoon some of it on the plate next to your samosa, which turns out to be just as delicious as you imagined, dunk and bite, repeat, and regret just a little bit that you already told your husband about your find, because otherwise you could just quietly devour the second samosa as well, instead of keeping it for him to try later.