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lem monade
lem monade

Home alone – and too much licking the beaters / spatulas / bowls while making cake earlier – means a large plate of dinner salad for one, on the couch with the cats and an episode of Hinterland (so good!).

For the salad I just piled a bunch of lettuce – my favourite variety: Grazer Krauthäupl (a genius cross of iceberg and butter lettuces, similar to Italian Gentilina) which is finally back in season – chopped cucumber and chives, hot boiled potatoes and some crumbled feta on the plate. I rarely ever bother actually whisking or even mixing my basic vinaigrette style “dressing”, instead i just sprinkle salt and grind bkack pepper all over the salad, then a few drizzles of red wine vinegar and some much more generous ones of olive oil.

The only even slightly difficult part: tossing it without making a giant mess.

#saladdinner #dinnerforone