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300 gr Pistacio flour
100 gr potato starch
250 gr sugar
150 gr butter melted and cooled
6 eggs
1 envelope Italian cake rising mix ( lievito bertolini or pane deli Angeli)
Pinch of sugar

1. Beat eggs, sugar and salt till very fluffy.

2. Incorporate melted butter, potato starch, and baking powder envelope.

3. Add Pistacio flour mixing very delicately from the bottom up. Avoid defluffing the batter.

4. Put into 9" spring form pan that has been lined on the bottom with parchment paper. Grease the sides.

5. Bake for 65 minutes at 325.
Once cool sprinkle powdered sugar and ground pistachios on top.

I purchased Pistacio flour and pane degli Angeli packs online.