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This & That Breakfast Tacos, cobbled from what I found in the fridge, freezer & kitchen counter. Scrambled eggs cooked in olive oil, topped with watercress, cilantro, crumbled kale chips (love the whisper of crunch), shaved feta cheese & hot sauce.

Oh, and about that shaved feta...I freeze everything. It's a running joke with my boyfriend. Threw a chunk of feta in the freezer that was past the expiration date (still tasted fine). I used a vegetable peeler to shave it into my taco. WORKED LIKE A CHARM! #wastenot #whatwouldjenniedo #findersfeast

Miss Layla
Miss Layla
I never thought of freezing and shaving cheese! Thanks for the post- I got a good chuckle out of it. Looks delish.