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Celebrating #artichoke season from fresh to #dips ~ made this with brined artichokes I rinsed, lemon zest and juice, a handful of #parsley, #roastedtahini, ginger and a halved clove of #garlic that was toasted in a little olive oil~ and that olive oil too #easybreezy

#artichokes are nutrient rich, can help detox the liver, a good source of magnesium and a diuretic ~ they provide us with what are body needs in the #spring

I like to dip into this or use it as a #spread , I think if I made it thinner it might work well as a dressing too ... Hmmm?!

#notcontest #chitchaatchai #ayurveda #delicious #appetizer

Miss Layla
Miss Layla
Hummina, hummina, hummina!! Just drooled on my phone! I'm so recreating this. I think I might toast some cumin with some garbanzos in place of tahini though. ? ::slobber::
Chit.Chaat.Chai (Rumin)
Yum... Sounds good. I made it with garbanzo before ... It's delicious more like a hummus