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Have you ever seen Jacques Pépin make his delicate "custard" style omelette? Have you ever tried to make it? It is easy to see Jacques has made this style of omelette many, many times until he perfected this technique. The reality is most of us would struggle doing it his way but there is another more accessible way and it starts by turning the heat down very low.

Add a knob of butter to a nonstick 8" skillet and set it over low heat. While the butter is doing its thing crack 4 eggs (I like to use two whole and two egg whites to reduce the fat) into a coffee mug along with a two finger pinch of salt and beat them with a fork. I use a coffee mug because it keeps me from over beating the eggs. When the bottom of the pan is coated with tiny unsalted butter bubbles pour in the eggs.

Here is the tricky part, everytime a thin set layer of egg is visible underneath the liquid egg use a spatula and starting at the edges pull the set layer toward the center to work your way around the pan. I find it takes 3 or 4 times of pulling(this all depends on the number of eggs and the pan diameter.). Place any warm fillings into the center and slowly let the eggs set to the desired consistency. If you like your omelettes creamy it should be a little runny on top but not overly so.

To get the omelette out of the pan fold a third of the omelette to the center, take the pan to the plate, tilt the pan and let the omelette gently roll onto itself, now roll it onto the plate with the seam side down. #eggs #omelette #breakfast #lunch #dinner #breakfastfordinner #notarecipe

jennifer perillo | In Jennie's Kitchen
Right on. Low and slow is the key to eggs, in general.
Yes, exactly!