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Gave my oatmeal the most spectacular makeover this morning. Topped it with finely chopped strawberries (been there, done that, right?). Here's the game changer: fresh chopped mint & sesame seed brittle. Here's how you can do it, too (takes less than 10 minutes):

1. Make your favorite plain oatmeal recipe. I just use water, oats & splash of vanilla extract. No sweetener.
2. Add a bit of sugar, let's say 1 teaspoon (I just eyeballed it), to a non-stick skillet over medium-high heat. Let it cook, without shaking or stirring pan, until sugar melts. Toss in a few generous pinches of toasted, hulled sesame seeds. Now give the pan a shake to coat. Add in a splash of water. Shake the pan again, remove from heat, and let sit so it can harden.
3. Chop up strawberries & fresh mint.
4. Add oatmeal to bowl, top with strawberries, mint, and sesame brittle (you'll likely need to scrape it out of the pan with a rubber spatula).

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