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Some sun for the rainy days, adapted from a stellar blog called My Daily Sourdough Bread out of Slovenia!

50 g active sourdough fed the night prior
300 g whole grain flour- used einkorn and rye here
175 g water
A glug of olive oil
Teaspoon of salt
Here it is a half cup of your favorite olive tapenade, but so many options! Tomato sauce or cheese and herbs or chocolate! Nutella! Cinnamon sugar!

Mix the dough and knead 10 minutes, then let sit for several hours. Split in two and roll out into about 25cm circles, place filling on one round, leaving around a cm from edge, and place the other round on top. Place a cup in the center and cut the rays of your sun! Brush with egg yolk and top with whatever you like (sesame seeds and flaky sea salt here). Bake at 375 for about 30 min.

Charlotte Toogood
Charlotte Toogood
This is beautiful!