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Comfort Soup-

Growing up, my father would always cook up a pot of the most delicious ramen for the two of us (my mother and sisters weren't so big on soup). Being away from home, I constantly crave things that warm my heart, so last night I made a large pot of my father's ramen.

I start with chicken stock mixed with garlic oil, sesame oil, white pepper, sea salt, soy sauce, and Chinese Five Spice. I added in baby bok choy, cubed extra firm tofu and fish balls (literally called "fish balls", and can be found in any freezer section of a Chinese grocery store). Brought it to a boil and added two whole eggs to cook inside. Brought it down to medium, and added the top ramen noodles (not the flavoring). To top it off, I added Chinese fried red onion and fresh green onion. As dipping sauce for the fish and tofu- I mixed Sambal with soy sauce.

Tastes just like home ✨