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Deniz Yildiz
Deniz Yildiz

Lunch bowl

Sauté mixed mushrooms of your liking in a little oil.
Add a finely chopped ginger , chili And garlic
Sauté for 1min
Add broth (I used beef broth)
Simmer for 5min
Add your greens -I added sugar-snap peas and baby chard
Add your noodles - I used shiritake noodles
Simmer for 1min
And enjoy!

#bowlfood #noodles #greens #broth #awesomewholesome #notacontest

Whoah, so similar to what I just telepathy?? Or maybe mushrooms and greens are just where it's at right now!
Deniz Yildiz
Deniz Yildiz
Ooooohhh kitchen telepathy -love it!