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Shirl Gard
Shirl Gard

Shrimp Cocktail Salad Plate
My dinner last night. Quickly made using pre-cooked shrimp.
- To plate up: Arrange watercress, lightly dressed in vinaigrette, in the center of a dinner plate, along with a small dish of spicy hot cocktail sauce. Place the shrimp around the cocktail sauce. Scatter diced Champagne mango over all.
- The contrasting flavors of sweet mango and the hot spicy cocktail sauce as well as the piquancy of the watercress and the meatiness of the shrimp will excite your palate.
- For 2 people, buy 8 oz shrimp, 1 bunch watercress, 1 mango, & a small container of cocktail sauce.
- Enjoy!