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Rice Porridge for the Sniffles #notacontest #notarecipe #rice #glutenfree

-Cup of japanese short grain rice (washed till water is clear)
- 6-8 cups of light sodium chicken/veg broth / chicken stock cube with water

Cook over medium heat in a covered saucepan or microwave in 5 min internals on high . About 15 mins cooking time

Cook till all liquid is absorbed & rice grains have become soft. Add more stock if needed.

Use stick blender to blend till almost smooth/smooth /your preferred consistency

Top with :
-sesame oil
-chopped scallion
- coriander leaves
- crispy fried shallots
- salted veg
- pickles
- raw egg in piping hot porridge
- white pepper powder
- dash of soy or fish sauce

lem monade
lem monade
seems pretty perfect for sniffle-less times, too!
Yes it would :) great with shredded leftover chicken too