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Miss Tippy Tops
Miss Tippy Tops

Carrot Ramen Noodle and Miso Soup!! Medicine in a bowl ?

Red chilli
3 garlic cloves
6 Spring onion (leaves set aside)
2cm fresh ginger
All diced

300g mushrooms

700mls of veg stock
3 taps miso paste
Juice 1 lime

Shredded chicken
Soft boiled Eggs

2 carrots

Spinach 2 handfuls

Fresh Coriander

Fry onions, ginger, chilli & garlic on med heat for 3 mins until soft

Add mushrooms & fry for 3 mins

Pour in stock, simmer for 5 mins

Add shredded chicken and eggs & warm through for 1 min

Turn heat off & add miso, seasoning & lime juice

Drop in carrot noodles and spinach

Serve topped with herbs and reserved parts of the spring onion

Gorgeous!! ?