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#wastenot #fennelfronds #pesto ~ what I do when I have more fennel fronds than I know what to do with. I love it because I can toss it with some pasta, toss it with some roasted veggies and I've even added some tahini and water and made it into a dressing. It has served me well and created many dishes .

Just add all ingredients to a food processor ginger, garlic, lemon, sea salt, olive oil and fronds! You can add nuts but I like to leave it out and use a nut butter so I have some flexibility on how heavy or light I want to keep my final dish. It's spring so I prefer to keep it light !

Fennel is detoxifying, cooling and a great veggie, spice, herb to get your body ready for summer ! It's a terrific digestive #ayurveda #chitchaatchai #spiceitup

Elaine @ foodbod
Elaine @ foodbod
Lovely! I do this with so many things ?