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lem monade
lem monade

Yesterday’s leftover harissa and preserved lemon bulgur on its way to be turned into meatless köfte of sorts:

Throw some chopped spring onions, olives and parsley, crumbled feta, lemon zest, salt and pepper in with the cooked, cold bulgur (or any other leftover cooked grain; if it had been plain and un-spiced, some chilli flakes, ground cumin, and oregano or mint, too).

Mix a few eggs in and as many (or better: few) breadcrumbs as necessary to get a somewhat shapeable consistency; it’s best to add not too many at first and let the mixture stand for a bit (say, while you wash some salad), then come back to it to check whether they absorbed enough moisture to turn it a bit sticky or you need another spoonful.

Using your hands wet with cold water, shape the bulgur mix into köfte (tapered logs), little balls or patties, slightly pressing together; roll in a bit of flour (seasoned with some salt/chilli/oregano if you like) and shallow fry in a large pan over medium heat – in batches, if necessary – turning once or twice until deeply golden and crispy. Keep warm in the oven if working in batches.

To go with them I made a lemon, yoghurt and tahini sauce for dipping, i.e. mixed those three ingredients until I liked the texture and balance of nutty / tart / creamy flavours, seasoned with salt pepper, bit of olive oil; some garlic, very finely minced or smashed into a paste with salt is also very nice in here. But I had some leftover zhoug – that incredible Israeli version of a green sauce made with cilantro, parsley, fresh chilli, garlic and spices – which was plenty garlicky.

I served the hot fried bulgur köfte next to a big blob of the lemon yoghurt tahini sauce with a spoon of zhoug swirled into it, and a large bowl of green salad with radishes and chives. A rather quick and oh so good dinner made mostly of leftovers – and if there are in turn any köfte leftover from this, they make an excellent lunch or snack!

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