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Sunday night Vegan Buddha Bowl
Jasmine rice
Brown Lentils - add dried (washed) lentils to water. Added sliced shallots, minced garlic, minced ginger, a few chopped tomatoes, Indian spices. Cook until lentils are tender. Ok to cook dry or have some broth after lentils cook.
Sreamed kale, sweet potatoes and thinly sliced Brussels sprouts (use mandolin!)
Topped with spring green sauce: soaked and drained pumpkin seeds, dried coconut flakes, olive oil, fresh sorrel, parsley and cilantro (garden picked!) and a tablespoon or so of fermented veggie juice (which adds salt, so taste before adding more). Use mini processor for this. Add small amounts of your favorite spice or herb. I added cumin and a pinch of Mexican oregano.