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I work for the lemons
I work for the lemons

When your man wants Asian food for #dinner but you're too broke to order some delivery? It is time to work out your brain for some #homemade #gyozas.

For the dough: mix 2 cups of all purpose flour, 2pinches of salt, add 1cup of -almost- boiling water. Keep stirring until the dough has cooled down. Now start kneading to make an elastic dough (but not sticky), form a ball that you wrap in cellophane. Let it sit for at least 30min.
Now take your pork meat (250gr) boil it, diced 1/2 #onion, 2 #garlic cloves, a handful of minced #chives. Make it all #sauteed in a wok with 1tsp #honey 2 tbsp #soysauce and few drops of #fishsauce. Roll and press the dough to make thin disks, add some stuffing and form your gyozas.

Cook the gyozas in boiling water for 4 to 5 minutes, then fry them up in a pan until golden.

Serve with a 3/4 soy sauce 1/4 #balsamicvinegar mix sauce!