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Breakfast fried rice/Salmon fried rice

Cook 1 cup jasmine rice in 1.5 cups water in a rice cooker. Cool overnight.
In the morning, heat a pan on medium. Add a slick of toasted sesame oil. Add 3-4 cups of rice and let cook a few minutes. Add a heavy dose of Tamari and stir. Make a well in the center of the rice and add 2 beaten eggs. Let cook almost all the way through, then mix with rice. Add more soy sauce if desired.

With your leftover breakfast fried rice: Heat pan on medium again and add sesame oil. Heat up fried rice with the eggs. Add 1 grilled salmon filet, flaked with a fork. Add a little more soy sauce, dried chives, garlic/onion powder + Chinese 5-spice powder. Stir and let cook a few minutes. Serve with toasted sesame seeds + sriracha!