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lem monade
lem monade

A bed of plain yoghurt (never, ever, EVER less than 3.5% fat if you, like me, would like it to taste like anything good), a few blobs of your favourite honey, a small handful of walnuts, generous sprinkle of sesame seeds and lemon thyme ground together into something vaguely reminiscent of unsalted za’atar (I think a bit sumac would have been great in it, as would have been the extra step of toasting the sesame seeds – and walnuts – first, for which I had been too hungry/lazy/busy), a small grating of lemon zest, tiny drizzle of olive oil.

On the side, some pretty stale sesame and nigella seed topped lavash bread, which had been the inspiration for all this: it had gone too hard to be eaten just plain or with butter and honey, but I knew it would become hot and crispy, perfect for dipping into something yoghurt-y once brought back to life by toasting it. Usually I would make some variation of Turkish çılbır, a poached egg, melted chilli butter and piles of herbs and/or chopped cucumber/onion/tomato salad on a garlicky yoghurt bed; one of my favourite things to eat for brunch, lunch, dinner, a late-night snack – but not first thing in the morning, when there is no time and I am too tired for slightly more elaborate things; and I am craving something a bit more mellow, maybe not containing any garlic or raw onions just yet.

But this slightly sweet, nutty version of a yoghurt bowl made up on the fly was, as it turned out, just the right thing to go with that first and oh so necessary cup of strong milky coffee.

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