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A penny saved, a penny earned.  A potato saved, a writer well fed. Rescued a forgotten russet from the veggie bin. Raided the rest of the cupboards, and this is what I came up with for lunch:

Foraged Greens & Fried Potato Salad with Tomatoes & Dill tossed with a homemade creamy dressing.

Salad includes remnants of watercress, boston lettuce & kale, fresh dill, grape tomatoes, quartered. Dressing is super easy—whisk together a bit of heavy cream, apple cider vinegar, squeeze of lemon juice, salt & pepper, Dijon, and smidge of honey. Swapping in cream for oil is a trick I learned from my French friend’s maman. The potatoes? Well, those I’ll share the details on another day. It’ll be worth the wait—the quickest, fried potato chunks, ever. Oh, and yes, that’s rose. It’s 5:00pm somewhere, yes? #wastenot #findersfeast #whatwouldjenniedo #nowaste

lem monade
lem monade
this salad sounds (and looks) delightful but I cannot wait to hear more about the potato :)