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Jessica Kjernisted
Jessica Kjernisted

croquetas de bacalao

Spanish tapa made with mashed potatoes and salt cured cod

1. Soak cod in water overnight making sure to change the water a couple times
2. Bake a couple large potatoes
3. Boil cod in milk for 5 minutes and strain
5. Scope potatoes into bowl and mash with cod and some cream. Season to taste
6. Form balls with the potato mix
7. Dredge in flour
8. Dip in egg
9. Dip in breadcrumbs or panko
10. Deep fry until golden


I make a big batch and freeze before frying. Can be kept in freezer a few weeks for a quick snack.

Switch out cod for other protein, like shredded chicken or diced jamon Serrano.

Serve with whatever dip you have on hand, alioli is usually my go to but here I had them with left over guac