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Sabrina Tan
Sabrina Tan

Salad bowl of the day - Red Quinoa, Pan Seared Paprika Shrimps and Pear salad with Lemon and Mint dressing.

2 handful of mixed salad leaves
1/2 cup cooked quinoa
10 medium size shrimps, pan seared (marinate in 1/2tbs evoo+1/2tsp paprika powder+1/4tsp black pepper)
1 medium size tomato, cut into desired size
1 Japanese cucumber, cut into desired size
1 small pear, cut into desired size

Dressing(enough for up to 4 servings)...
1 juice of a medium size lemon
4 tbs of evoo
1 tbs honey or to taste
1 tbs of freshly chopped mint
A pinch of black pepper or to taste

Everything can be prep ahead and it's really easy to put together, vegetarian can opt the shrimps with lightly seared tofu pieces. :)