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Cook and drain orzo or other pasta of your choice (or rice or quinoa or cous cous....)- set aside

Sauté chopped onion and asparagus cut on bias until tender crisp- remove

Sauté shrimp and chopped garlic until just cooked- remove

Make dressing- combine lemon juice, mayo, evoo, honey, parsley, wine vinegar, garlic whisk to combine

Toss 3/4 dressing in orzo

Add sautéed shrimp and veg to pan to lightly reheat and toss w remaining dressing

Mound orzo in big bowl, top with shrimp/veg

Dollop fresh ricotta over top

Garnish with ricotta salada or parm shavings all over, salt, pepper, parsley


I could see this with pearl cous cous! Yum. Thanks for sharing :)