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Qz Zhang-Cowie
Qz Zhang-Cowie

Chicken stir fry (super easy)

Olive oil
Dry chili flacks
Garlic powder
(All the ingredients above are just what I put, you can tweak it however you like, quantity also to your own liking)
A bag

Put everything in a bag and the chopped chicken breasts, make sure you rub everything thoroughly,

Main ingredient:
Half of finely chopped onion
1 glove finely chopped garlic
Vegetable of your own liking, I love peppers and green peas.

Medium heat with olive oil and butter.
Put onion and garlic first for soften.
Then add the vegetables.

This is where I do things a little differently, I put the marinated chicken after the vegetables, so when it's cooked, it's super soft and tender.
But if you like your chicken more brown, please pan fry the chicken before cooking anything else.