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S'rug (or schug, or zhoug, depending who you are talking to) is the fiery green Middle Eastern condiment in the upper right. Partnerships Editor Sam Weiss-Hills served Zahav's version at her Seder this past weekend, and now wants it on everything.

In a food processor, blend into a coarse paste a number of hot chiles (Here, 20 or so finger chiles), fresh herbs like parsley and cilantro, some dashes of cardamom, coriander, and salt, however much garlic you like, and lemon juice. Turn the mixture into a bowl and gently fold it canola oil. The key for the whole sauce is to not to emulsify anything. You want the oil to separate from the paste.

Smear labneh on matzo and drizzle on s'rug-- or anything you'd add hot sauce to. #middleeastern #condiment #spicy