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eat the rainbow throughout the week and find a golden beer on friday?!

have fun this weekend! and come sunday afternoon prep for the week. set aside three hours for chopping and steaming repeat all the while catching up on #burnttoast and #girls.

choose your sturdy greens; a vibrant brassica; always include carrots; maybe mushrooms or tofu or some sorta meat; sweet potatoes; legumes (but be gentle #etiquette); forget not your probiotics like kimchi or sauerkraut. be creative. this is the time to ignore simplicity and keep your pallet entertained with more.

top a bed of mixed grains with all your colors and do a heavy drizzle of your favorite sauce.

(my current obsession: tahini + dates melted in hot water + grated garlic + lemon juice + salt + pepper. all blended into a delightful dressing.)

*inspired by #greenheartfoods ?*

#notarecipe #notasaddesklunch #bowlfood #eattherainbow #goodeggs