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Andrew Tam
Andrew Tam

Hot N Spicy Mapo Tofu

1) cut 1 lb of firm tofu into 1/2-in cubes. Set aside.
2) stir-fry 1 T of chopped scallions, 1 t of minced ginger and 1 t of minced garlic until fragrant
3) add in 1/4 lb of ground pork and stir fry until just about cooked
4) add 1 T of hot bean paste and drizzle in some rice wine, preferably shao xing wine.
5) add scant 1 C of chicken stock, 2 T of soy sauce and salt and sugar to taste. Mix.
6) add the tofu and simmer for 3-4min
7) add corn starch solution to thicken (2 t of cornstarch mixed with 1 T of water)
8) serve in a bowl. Drizzle sesame oil over tofu and sprinkle toasted ground Sichuan pepper. Garnish with chopped scallions