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Claudette Marguerite DuPont
Claudette Marguerite DuPont

This is my entire for #blueberry #salad #BlueberryToss #FWCon sponsored by Wish Farms #foodie #chef #bacon #feta #beets #healthy champagne blueberry dressing with coco nibs and candied bacon blueberry salad! Good wine conference

2 tbs white vinegar
3 tbs brut champagne
1/3 cup blueberry
1/2 tangelo
Pinch of salt
1 tsp honey

1 head baby romaine lettuce
3 strips candied bacon (1/3 cup brown sugar baked for 15 mins at 325 degrees)
1/2 cup fresh blueberries
1 small Roasted golden beet ( 400 degrees in aluminum foil with Eco and sea salt)
1/3 small golden beet graded
1oz Bulgarian Feta
1/3 sliced heirloom yellow tomato (tossed in olive oil and sea salt)
1 tbs Coco Nibs sprinkled on top