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Jayna Moloney
Jayna Moloney

Spinach Mushroom Turkey Meatloaf with Ragout

Add 2 tbsp butter to skillet, add 100g chopped mushrooms, 1 small onion, chopped (135g), 3 cloves garlic, minced; turn off heat, stir in 2oz chopped spinach, 2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

Combine 16-20oz ground meat (I used 13.5oz turkey, 3.5oz chorizo pork sausage) with 1 egg, beaten, 2 tbsp golden flaxseed, few sprigs thyme, 1/2 tsp cayenne, 1/2 tsp smoked salt, fresh ground pepper

Stir veggies into meat
Layer in pan with 4-6 slices turkey bacon
Cook 70 min @ 350°
Let cool 10 min before slicing

Serve with ragout (see previous post) and a poached or fried egg

#dinner #meatloaf #turkey

Jayna Moloney
Jayna Moloney
Next time I'm going to skip the bacon layer in the middle, 1 tbsp liquid aminos instead of 2 tbsp Worcestershire, cut butter in veggies in half, maybe add 1 tbsp nutritional yeast