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Okonomi (“What You Like”) Fried Eggs: A lot like ononomiyaki, just with broken yolk fried eggs. Slick a heated small skillet with olive oil; plop in a handful of blanched bean sprouts and a few blanched kale or chard leaves, coarsely chopped. Let them warm up on low heat, stirring a few times, while you break two eggs into a bowl (cheat code: use the storage container for the bean sprouts or kale, if it’s empty) and lightly stir, just to break the yolk. Drizzle sesame oil around the edges of the skillet, raise the heat a bit, add the eggs, grind on black pepper, then lift the edges as you would an omelet; sprinkle on sesame seeds, splash on soy sauce, and cover the skillet. Let the steam cook it - over very low heat — for one minute. Enjoy! ;o)

Cheat codes: Blanch kale the minute you bring it in from the market. Squeeze it out hard between your hands. Double cheat: don’t cut it until you’re ready to use. It’s easier to grab from the blanching water if the leaves are whole, plus, it keeps better in the fridge when whole leaves squeezed well and left in a tight ball until used. Plus it’s much more efficient to cut that way.

If you are using them in a cooked dish, blanch bean sprouts the day you bring them home and drain well. They will last for 3 - 4 days without souring in the slightest. Add toward the end of cooking, just enough to warm.

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