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Prep: Chop up green bell peppers, carrots, onions, garlic, spring onions & pineapples [keep the juice]. Grind/blend some raw ginger & put all the ingredients on one plate. Pre-mix ¼ cup of soy sauce & a tablespoon of corn starch & wait. Keep some white vinegar & some brown sugar handy. Shred or cube some chicken breast.

To make the sauce:

Cook the chicken in a skillet [no oil needed]. Make sure it cooks fully, but doesn't brown. Now add the carrots, peppers, onions & garlic to the skillet & stir in with the chicken. After it cooks a while, reduce the gas & add the pre-mixed soy & corn-starch to the skillet. Add ONE tablespoon of white vinegar & ONE tablespoon of brown sugar. Add the pineapples & the juice & stir till everything is evenly coated. Turn the gas off & add ½ teaspoon of ground raw ginger. Stir together & pour in a bowl.

To make the fried rice:

Add pre-cooked rice to a skillet, adding a little oil. Add a dash of oyster sauce until it Browns out the rice. Finally, add the chopped spring onions & continue to stir until evenly cooked.