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Inés Palm
Inés Palm

Pumpkin fest! Last week I cooked an easy and healthy pumpkin soup pretty delicious. And here is the recipe I used
INGREDIENTS (6 people)
- 2 packs of clean pumpkin pieces. Pumpkin is very tough and difficult to clean and cut so if yo u can find some of these ready-to-Cook packs, the better for you and your time.
- Liquid milk cream
- Black pepper
- Salt
- 1 concentrated tablet of chicken soup

Boil water into a saucepan with all the pumpkin and the tablet inside for 20-30 min in minimum fire. Until the pumpkin gets smoother.
When is ready take the saucepan out of the water and reduce most of the water of the saucepan, but leave a little bit for the cream.
Add as much Liquid milk cream to the soup as you want. It will make the cream less thick and smoother. Then mix everything with the mixer until everything is uniformed.
When you serve it add a pinch of pepper and salt.
*Do this after mixing and not before because when you re warm the cream, the pepper will get stronger and stronger and you may find the cream too spicy.
For a better presentation you can cut into small pieces a little branch of parsley.