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Beet green and feta omelet:  Beat 2 eggs with a good pinch of salt.  Heat skillet over low heat while you warm up some blanched beet greens. (I'll post cheat codes in a comment, to avoid crashing this app.)

Put a glug of olive oil in the skillet; let it get hot over medium heat.  Add the beaten eggs with some pepper and dried or fresh oregano or marjoram. Turn the heat down. Lift the edges, or do whatever else you do to make omelets.  

Drop on a few big spoonfuls of feta and then the warmed beet greens.  Cover, turn off the heat, and let sit for one minute. The steam will finish cooking the eggs and will melt the cheese.  (I cover the skillet with the plate I'll put the omelet on to eat it.)  

Remove the cover, fold the omelet over, and slide it onto the plate.  Voila!!  ;o)

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Cheat codes:

When you get a bunch of beets - ideally once you've just walked in the door from your trip to the farmers' market - cut all the greens off at the same time, swoosh them in a basin of cold water to get off the dirt, rubbing the stems if necessary, and then cut off any tough stems.  Heat a medium pot with salted water. Cut off the rest of the stems in large pieces (don't chop); drop them into the boiling water and let them cook for a few minutes; then add the greens - uncut - and blanch for 2-3 minutes, depending on how large they are.  Remove with tongs. (This is why you don't cut the leaves or stems.)  To save time, energy, and water, cook the whole beets in the same water. Simmer until tender when pierced; drop into a bowl of cold water; let them cool a bit and pull the skins off with your hands.  Let them finish cooling; store in the fridge in a covered container. If you don't use within a day or two, chop and marinate in vinaigrette.  I like a mint and oregano vinaigrette for beets. 
When the beet greens (leaves) are fairly cool, squeeze the water out of them. Put the compressed leaves, still uncut, into a storage container; refrigerate. Keep the stems whole (refrigerated) until ready to use.  They'll hold better uncut.

To warm the beet greens for the omelet, take the hunk of squeezed greens out of the fridge and cut as much as you want into thin strips, directly onto the plate you'll be using for the omelet. Pop that into the microwave for a minute, covered.

When I pick fresh herbs, I often pick a few extra sprigs, which I leave in an out of the way place in my kitchen, for low-key uses like omelets.  The sprigs wilt a bit, and the leaves even dry out sometimes, but the herbs are still full of flavor. ;o)