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amy s
amy s

Tumeric scented tilapia with quick mango salsa and coconut quinoa!

Tilapia is such a flexible fish.
Marinate in a bit of coconut milk with tumeric, black pepper and lime juice. Meanwhile, dice some ripe mangoes (so good right now!) and toss with bell peppers, a diced hot cherry pepper, lime juice, shallots and fresh basil.
Heat the oven to 375; set the quinoa on to boil, using a 1:2 ratio of quinoa to liquid (I used half coconut milk, half water). When it boils, cover and reduce to simmer. Put fish in the oven and set timer for 15 minutes.

Fluff the quinoa and serve with the tilapia and salsa. I also added some watercress and a bit of fish sauce and more lime to balance the richness of the mango and coconut.

Laura L. Manskar-Gannon
This sounds amazing- plan on making this - thanks!
amy s
amy s
Yay! Hope you like it!