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Olivia Bloom
Olivia Bloom

I've been eating a LOT of bok choy lately (did you know it's one of the best veggie sources of calcium?). This is one of my most successful attempts yet!

In a little vegetable oil, I softened leeks, minced ginger, and thin slices of garlic. Added in a small spoonful of shrimp paste, stirred until it was all melded together. Shook in some red pepper flakes. Then deglazed the pan with some rice vinegar. Now, time for the veggies! First the bok choy stalks and slices of savoy cabbage. After those have cooked a bit, then the bok choy leaves and a handful of bean sprouts. Stir around until the leaves are just wilted.

Topped here with sriracha but the red pepper flakes added plenty of heat for my taste.