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Summer Succotash
Serves 2

2 cobs of Grilled Corn(kernels cut off)
1 cup of Baby Lima Beans(cooked)
(I used frozen)
1 cup of Cherry Tomatoes(quartered)
1 tablespoon of fresh herbs roughly chopped
( I used Cilantro)
1-2 Green Onions(sliced)
1-2 Cloves of Garlic(minced)
1 very small Jalapeño (seeded and diced very small):optional
Sea Salt and fresh Black Pepper

Grill Corn and allow to cool, then cut kernels off cobs and put in medium bowl. Cook Lima Beans according to package with a little salt and then drain. Mix all ingredient together in bowl and serve. Feel free to give it a little squeeze of Lime as well and use whatever fresh herbs you like.