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Gina | Healthy Eats Kitchen
Gina | Healthy Eats Kitchen

This will cure any ? craving! Dark chocolate and almond butter is the new milk chocolate and peanut butter.

Combine 1 cup freshly ground almond butter that has been refrigerated with 2 tablespoons honey (or to your sweetness level). Form into small patties. Place on baking sheet lined with parchment paper in freezer for at least 20 mins.

Melt 5 ounces really good dark chocolate in a small sauce pan until just melted. Valhorna is in my pantry. Dip each almond butter patty into the chocolate until coated and place back on the baking sheet. Once all patties are coated, place the baking sheet back in the freezer.

Store them in the freezer (assuming there are any left ?).

Adapted from the Ambitious Kitchen.