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Amanda Sacks
Amanda Sacks

Stupidly good, super easy Frittata ????

• Your favourite roasted or sautéed veg (this shot had broccoli, Spanish onion, red capsicum and sweet potato, though I imagine you could put together a sexier combo, maybe throw in some pumpkin, kale, whatevs)
• 6 eggs with 1 cup of full cream and 1/2 cup of parmesan (parmigiano-reggiano). And throw some basil in that bitch
• With the veg in the oven-safe pan and the heat on low, pour the egg mixture over the veg
• Watch for the egg to start separating from the sides of the pan. Wait for it, it'll go from not happening to EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING RIGHT JUST NOW. Since you can't shimmy the eggs around or peek underneath, this is the perfect time for the frittata to burn. Keep it in your sight
• Once the magic happens, put the pan under the broiler, where it will brown fairly quickly. Move it around under the broiler so that it browns evenly
• Take that beautiful piece of eggy, cheesy goodness out of the oven
• Cool
• Inhale

A couple of variations:
• French herbs frittata
• Leek, mushroom and pancetta
• Multi-cheese - Parmesan with chèvre, or bocconcini, etc
• Multi-mushrooms (maybe even with truffle oil!)
• Man version- all the meats